Water Fuel technologies

There's a few ways to get an engine to run using water. These are concepts - no guarantees of getting them to work flawlessly though I have heard of people getting engines to work this way. Stan Meyer was murdered for his invention so the only safe way to get this sort of technology out there is just to dump it on the internet / open source it!

Here's ideas of how you do it!

Series AC resonance:
No one seems to be talking about this idea, so I'm gonna throw it out there. It involves generating a bipolar AC frequency (live / neutral), scanning for the power factor, increasing the frequency on a lagging power factor, and decreasing the frequency on a leading power factor. The circuit is in resonance at a unity power factor.

The stainless steel plates in parallel immersed in water make for the capacitor (although it has resistance, the circuitry will pick this up and adjust the frequency accordingly). You use a normal inductor, or a variable transformer as a variable inductor. Note how Stan Meyer has a variable transformer in his design in the TV news report video.

Combustion of water:
Panacea Technical - Water Spark Plug document - Contains information on how to explode water. I would say go with spark plugs that are made of tungsten. Regular non resistor spark plugs will corrode in no time! I tried this circuit on the carburetor Totyota Hilux (Pickup) with normal petrol and as soon as the starter motor starts turning, the engine is running! There are some engines running solely using water but they do not run that well at present. See Panacea's video compilation on water spark plug technology. Includes Stan Meyer's spark plugs and features video footage of engines solely running using water. See also Capacitor70's video

There is one more recent video on a small engine running only using water as fuel, and running a 400 watt light off it too. I see they have the hydrogen under vacuum - not the ideal system and it needs work but a proof of principle.

Links to similar water energy sites:

www.panaceatech.org - Comprehensive write ups and investigations on water fuel cells and other suppressed science. Free access, no catch.
Panacea Technical is a compilation of various web sites, forums, and documents - all rolled into one to allow the newbies to catch up to speed.

Water For Fuel - Looks like these guys have been on FOX news (11/1/2007) already with their plans to produce open source water powered cars! That takes courage! 11/1/2007.

http://waterfuel.t35.com/ Alot of content. Covers alternative health cures also.

www.waterfuelcell.org - A site dedicated to the Meyer's water powered car.

www.waterpoweredcar.com - This one really picks out the politics behind the water car right from the word go! And most of the politics could well be true! At war in Iraq (for their oil?) or 9/11 towers being blown up with C4! Now I got ya thinking!

www.hydropowercar.com - Increase your mileage using hydrogen mixed with petrol. May work well with LPG also.

www.biosmeanslife.com - Claims of a motorcycle powered only by water in New Zealand in 2005. They appear to have been bought out!

www.waterfuelmuseum.com - The Kentucky Water Fuel Museum at Lexington KY. You can purchase a book and DVD from them

If you are really technically minded and really out there with bizarre science, or have some weird understandings of science, you may also be interested in the Joe Cell, which consumes no water, and uses the water as an energy transfer medium for zero point energy to run a car. No hydrogen is used from a Joe Cell to fire the engine. The ignition timing is set to around 70 degrees BTDC for the implosive reaction. Nitrogen hydroxide? Electrostatic charge of air? I read an interesting theory on the electrostatics how it fits in with the Joe Cell theory. Its anyones guess! I am yet to see a working Joe Cell and I have met Joe and he doesn't seem to be all he claims to be. Some others claim success. I suspect it has something to do with orgone accumulation - make an orgone accumulator using the materials featured in the Orgone Accumulator Handbook, the most powerful shape being a pyramid or cone shape.

And pigs can fly too?

In short, yes they do.

To understand what is going on here, you need to look at the source of the problem. Here are some of the devices that have been squashed:

Bios Fuel and Steve Ryan's water powered motorcycle - In late 2005, there was a segment aired on the show "60 Minutes" in New Zealand. Steve Ryan was clearly demonstrating a water powered motorcycle where the atomic structure of the water was modified to release its hydrogen atoms inside the combustion chamber to give the flame front necessary to move the pistons. Joe has given us insight into its replication.
I contacted Bios Fuel personally to investigate when their water powered motorcycles or retrofit kits were to be released. I received an email back saying in the near future they were going to sell the motorcycles with the water conversions in them, and to keep watch of their website. A few months go by, with no updates to their website, and so I email them again, asking about the motorcycles. No response for roughly 8 months. Recently, I received an email from them saying that "Due to political and economical reasons, we are unable to sell the motorcycles, however we have a device available for motorcycles and cars that will save 5% off the fuel consumption". 5% is a lousy savings in fuel in my opinion! Home made hydrogen boosters do far better than that!
Take note that Bios Fuel have updated their website (finally!)

Stan Meyer's water powered dune buggy - In the early 1990's aired on an American TV news report, Stan Meyer demonstrated a 4 cylinder dune buggy using only water as fuel. It was stated that most types of water could be used to put into the car to rapidly separate into oxygen and hydrogen to run the dune buggy. The water is hit with its own molecular resonant frequency and the water collapses into oxygen and hydrogen with little electrical input.
Meyer died of food poisoning shortly before being due to receive suitable investment capital to enable commencement of production.

XOgen Power Company
- Similar methods to the operation of Stan Meyer's system. They have produced a demonstration video and presentation. I personally sent them an email asking when their technology would be released to the public, only to receive a reply back saying to keep watch on their website. The water is hit with its own molecular resonant frequency which collapses into oxygen and hydrogen with little electrical input.
XOgen was bought by an unrelated company and nothing has been heard of from XOgen since October 2005. They have also been unable to operate for two years due to pending investigations from the Canadian Stock Exchange and frozen stock.

Here is an excellent document I found deep down on an Australian government website using Google search .
It contains briefings on various alternative energy sources, not including solar, wind, biofuels, hydroelectric or nuclear. What! What other sources of alternate energy if you strip those out of the question!? Plenty!
Why haven't these devices been mass produced or the general public told about such devices? The government can get their taxes from somewhere else surely!

Download PDF from Parliament of Australia or View document as HTML generated by Google

Why are these companies falling to their knees and buckling under strange pressure?
Money! Greed! Governments, the big world banks, the cartels (oil, energy, pharmaceutical, and lots more!). All of these forces would have very good reason to work together in suppressing these technologies as they have alot of business to lose if the above suppressed technologies went into mass production.

What happened when the combustion engine driven car came in and phased out the horse and carts? Those cleaning the horse crap off the streets took up jobs as car mechanics, or moved on to something else! What's the go?


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