The Water Engine
(and other stuff we weren't supposed to know about)

A crash course on:
* Clean / Free energy research * Religion vs truth * Health * Conspiracy (facts) * Fuel savers

Established: March 2006. Updated: July 12, 2014.

A short and simple website covering all good information.
Disclaimer - Intended for entertainment purposes only ;)

This website is not updated that often, but the goal is to share a summary of goods and help you find the truth about things in life. This website is my own personal website I established in 2006. I'll help you sift through misunderstandings on things and help you make your own fully informed decision.


Why "The Water Engine"?
The website was named as such, initially to research into the plausibility of water fuel technology, it is all currently research and findings on such technologies. No such product is available for sale, though inventors such as Stan Meyer being murdered for his technology is enough to make you wonder what's doing.
Water fuel technology is not the only thing being kept from us, but also clean energy technologies (ie. zero emissions and other natural based fuel sources such as bio algae), health remedies (including alternative cancer treatments that cost only hundreds, not thousands of $), finding out the truth about religion and life beyond the grave, and the good old "conspiracy theories" (more like facts - with documented proof)!

The idea of these technologies sounds insane, but credibility begins to show as you come across stories of people getting bought out or knocked off.

Now that I know about it, what can I do about it?
You might not be able to do much about it on your own, but collectively - that's a different story! You'd best be sharing the information with others, reading up on it yourself, and participating in some way! This information may just reach someone who can do something about a particular issue, but doesn't know about the full picture of what they're involved in.

There are groups out there working on these technologies. Simply do a search on YouTube and you'll see related videos.
I helped out an organization called "Panacea-BOCAF" between 2007 and 2012. I'm getting married soon (September 2014) and have my own electrical contracting business - maybe one day I can get back into this stuff.

This website is a good starting point to learn all about these issues. I hope you enjoy the material provided. Contact me if you have any issues - I'm all about the truth.


Water Fuel Tech:
Concepts of water fuel technologies, including some YouTube videos demonstrating working water fuel technology concepts.

A partially working prototype - Capacitor70 on YouTube

Stan Meyer's water powered car on the TV news


Fuel savers:
Many of us have heard about fuel savers, and many fuel savers have been proven to be dupes. So which of the fuel savers actually work? Why do they work? Where are people going wrong in applying the fuel saving technologies to benefit from it?
More information on fuel savers can be found on this section of the Panacea website.

Health remedies (Got cancer? This is for you too.)
Who are the real quacks? The proponents of natural health remedies, or the pharmaceutical / drug companies? Maybe natural health remedies are meant to be the predominant in the marketplace, but big pharma are trying to hog the show stand and do away with natural health remedies? Ezekiel 47:12 and a number of other Bible verses indicate that the plants are our food and health remedies, but ultimately, its in God's timing what happens when. We can only string out our life a little longer :)

Who has cancer? Skin, breast, or other - there's a cheap and effective remedy for that - black salve. I got a cancer out of my leg (caused by a mobile phone), and we saved the life of a nurse in NSW who produced before & after medical documentation to prove it. Here's a documentary video, and a Facebook page for it. Now that this holds true, the credibility of the rest of the information is heightened, and worth researching some more! The rabbit hole goes deeper...

Religion vs truth (not featured on the Panacea websites):
I'm not asking you to believe me, I'm recommending you go check it out and decide for yourself.
After a confusing and somewhat frightening near death experience in 2005 caused by a flu vaccine, I decided to dig further. Life is short, the free energy and health remedies are all well and good, but let's research where to after this lfie is finished.

You only live twice! You are not your body, you have a body, the real you continues on. You wouldn't go on a holiday without packing for it would you? It's the same with the life on offer after this life is done - if you don't pack, or don't complete the checklist, you may end up with the raw end of the deal!

A narrow entrance way, two men - happy to see me, a book on the table, and a golden city in the background - sound familiar? A fight broke out between the two men and the light (Satan). It wasn't my time to go, and then I got pushed back here :)

So many religions, so much confusion and even bad people / entities posing as good. So what's the truth? Where's the evidence? Religion = re legion away from the Creator? Satan poses as an angel of light, so does his agents (2 Corinthians 11:14-15).
Christians claim Jesus is the only way in to Heaven. That's all well and good, but if Jesus is the only way in to Heaven, why is it so?
Jesus was the only one documented in history outside of the Bible to have risen from the dead. Buddha bit the dust, so did Muhammad, and countless other philosophers - all unable to meet and help you when you pass on from this life. Philosophy is where the buck stops at. Jesus is the only one to have risen from the dead and can help you out when you pass on. Of course, you must repent and believe.

Not all Christians enter Heaven either - if you're doing wrong and you know it, you mightn't be on to the winning deal. Consider Matthew 7:21, James 2, Galatians 5, Ephesians 5:11, 2 Corinthians 11:14-15.

I've put other information on the table, putting to the test other oddities, such as aliens & UFOs, New Age / occult practices, Yoga, meditation, reincarnation, and other weird and uncertain goodies that may ensnare you. These phenomenon are no doubt real, but are they part of the genuine article? After some further research, I doubt it. I strongly suggest you listen to all of their music at or on YouTube.

All feedback is welcome to ensure good quality content.